Cable Drum Tracking and Management

TrackMyDrum uses advanced sensors & QR codes to track cable drum location and cable consumption.

TrackMyDrum was created as a universal tool for vendors, utility & installation companies to track, coordinate and manage cables, drums and projects. The tool includes a web interface & mobile apps together with smart sensor tags.

Improved Visibility

Overview and information about deliveries of orders, rental period of cable drums, which cable and volume of it is stored in your warehouse, etc.

Track location

A complete overview of where your cable drums are located and where cable has been installed, when and by whom.

Stop Theft

Reduce financial losses by making the drums less prone to theft.

Efficiency in Project Management

Project Managershave a clear overview of cables and drums for individual projects and whether drums have been returned in time, or at all.

TrackMyDrum reduces cost and helps utility companies be more effective


“TrackMyDrum is our choice of solution, as we have multiple contractors who work with the cables on construction sites, and we are able to perfectly track, trace and manage the assets even when they are in the field or in one of our warehouses. Any claims are very easy to manage and process, and the inventory handling, including cable rest length measurement, has never been easier.”

Utility from Germany

Cost & Operational Efficiency

Providing more than cost & operational efficiency by
solving major pain-points

Optimize Resource Planning

Know exactly where your cable drums are located, cable rest length, rental period expiration, ensures a better planning of your resources

Stay Informed & Prepared

Secure an advantage by knowing where your cables are installed and have a digital documentation of every project

Accelerate Operations

Strengthening your innovation centric approach and setting a trend among market players

How it works?

TrackMyDrum provides a comprehensive set of tools for large scale drum and cable management operations.

Track drums

– GPS tracking
– Drum rental expiration period
– Drum status
– Drum damage and condition reporting
– Claim management
– History of usage
– Return management

Track cables

– Cable consumption measurement
– History of cable usage
– Cable damage and condition reporting
– Claim management

Manage projects

– Overview of project locations
– Allocation of drums and cables
– Cable consumption
– Project orders

Manage orders

– Drum and cable details
– Delivery information and tracking

Hardware and QR-code tracker on the drum

Solution’s components

The solution consists of hardware tracking devices accompanied by mobile and web app.



– Manage & Track Assets
– Manage and optimise
– Projects, Orders & Deliveries


– Mobile Phone acts as a gateway for drums
– Scan QR Codes for real-time updates on drum locations and status


QR Codes
Narrow-band IoT (NB-IoT) Gateways & Devices

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Other Solutions


Zensera uses advanced trackers & user-friendly software to manage & track all your assets.


Zensera uses advanced trackers & user-friendly software to manage & track all your assets.